Crime without Punishment: Slavery and Capitalism

There are currently an estimated 40 million people enslaved in the world, more than half the population of the UK today. Justine Nolan and Martin Boersma in their book Addressing Modern slavery point out that due to the general global abolition of slavery its nature, features and telling signs have changed. To understand slavery in the modern […]


The Art of Confrontation

In a guest article for Periscope Nottingham, Chris Tregenza tells us how confrontation can still thrive in the modern world of labour relations. Asking nicely doesn’t work. Politely protesting in designated spaces doesn’t work. Real change can never be achieved if it is easy for those in power to ignore you. Effective confrontation is hard. […]


Making Workers Pay: The True Cost of Coronavirus in The University Sector.

For years universities in the UK have been operating as businesses. Increasingly for-profit, they have been shamelessly charging students high tuition fees, providing the bare minimum of service and spending money on management salaries and grandiose projects. The current crisis has made clear that universities do not care about workers, students, or research, only about […]


A Praxis Parable: Organised Labour and the Ludlow Massacre

Content Warning: Graphic descriptions of violence A bullet whistles by your ear. You look around to see scores of your fellow coal miners, with their wives and children in tow, sprinting for cover. You start to run, and just a few strides in front of you see a young boy, no older than 11. He […]