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Boot Out Boris – Time For A British Revolution

As I write this, Boris Johnson is bouncing yet another dead cat on the desk in the shape of Free School Meals. Unlike other dead cats, such as Operation Moonshot, feeding children is actually real and important. But in the end Boris & Cummings are quite happy to have the media screaming about the issue. […]


Revolução dos Cravos: Carnation Day in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country. Many tourists are discovering this fact, with the stunning and historical capital of Lisbon experiencing an increase in visitors over the last five years. In the standard discourse, not much is known about this culturally rich nation. I have personally never experienced hospitality like that I have received in Portugal. […]


Labour Party and Its Discontents: Time for Exodus

Corruption, racism, backstabbing, red scare and communist hunting reminiscing the executions ordered by the German Social Democratic Party to purge communists and their leaders in 1919, only this time with sinister political character assassinations by feeding Corbyn and Abbott to the right wing Media-Freikorps and cartel like cover-up operations to undermine the voice of the […]