Making Workers Pay: The True Cost of Coronavirus in The University Sector.

For years universities in the UK have been operating as businesses. Increasingly for-profit, they have been shamelessly charging students high tuition fees, providing the bare minimum of service and spending money on management salaries and grandiose projects. The current crisis has made clear that universities do not care about workers, students, or research, only about […]


Revolução dos Cravos: Carnation Day in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country. Many tourists are discovering this fact, with the stunning and historical capital of Lisbon experiencing an increase in visitors over the last five years. In the standard discourse, not much is known about this culturally rich nation. I have personally never experienced hospitality like that I have received in Portugal. […]


Attempts to Make Politics Sane are Turning it Crazy

Over recent years, politics has been defined by an almost constant stream of  shocking events. Events that nobody anticipated or properly understands. From the 2008 financial crisis to the Grenfell fire, politicians, journalists and the public are all asking: how did this happen? And nobody can provide a definitive answer. Politics today does not make […]