THROWBACK: Why students occupied University of Nottingham building

A group of students occupied a lecture theatre at the University of Nottingham in a show of solidarity with striking teaching staff. Nottingham Student Solidarity (NSS), mostly made up of University of Nottingham students, occupied the Coates Road Auditorium on Monday, March 9 at around 6pm. The demonstration was intended to support university staff participating […]


Government Conceals The Truth of Coronavirus Death Toll

Damning figures released by the Office for National statistics have revealed that the Coronavirus death toll up to April 10 was 41 per cent higher than the numbers touted in the government’s daily press conferences. The stats, which include those who died outside of hospital, are a damning indictment of the campaign by Boris and […]


A Praxis Parable: Organised Labour and the Ludlow Massacre

Content Warning: Graphic descriptions of violence A bullet whistles by your ear. You look around to see scores of your fellow coal miners, with their wives and children in tow, sprinting for cover. You start to run, and just a few strides in front of you see a young boy, no older than 11. He […]


Sadistic Labour Staffers Claimed They Told Press of Diane Abbott “crying in the loos”

Labour staffers are under fire for abuse of power, following the leak of an explosive report into anti-Semitism within the party. The investigation was damning in its description of the activities of some senior officials, including an incident in February 2017 involving Diane Abbott.  Abbott, who was Shadow Home Secretary at the time, has been a consistent target of racist attacks during her time as […]