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Right-Wingers Love Child Abuse

It is wrong to suggest that right-leaning people are more likely to commit child abuse. The causes of sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children are incredibly complex and every community is blighted by it to a similar degree. Undeniably, right-wingers love talking about how they want to do terrible things to its perpetrators. However, the reason for their obsession with the topic goes beyond mere bloodlust. 

To the far-right, child-abuse is their cloak of invisibility. Behind the veil of “protecting kids” they can be as racist, homophobic and all-round fascist as they like. Anyone protesting against them must be a paedo because only paedo would be against “protecting kids”. The really annoying thing is that it works and it is no coincidence that far-right group Heart of Oak held a rally in London last Saturday (3rd August 2020) on this topic. The far-right is weaponising child-abuse. 

The next step in their campaign is coming to Nottingham on the 22nd August in an event organised by Dean Cumberpatch, AKA The Mad Viking. Motorcycle enthusiast Mr Cumberpatch is a convicted drug smuggler and two years ago claimed to be terminally ill with dementia while doing a sponsored ride for army veterans. 

Tommy Robinson at the launch of his Heart of Oak campaign.

Note that Mr Cumberpatch is not connected (as far as we know) to the British Street Commandos, a fascist defend-the-statues group, who also announced plans to come to Nottingham on that day. So for legal reasons we must point out that it is entirely coincidental that two groups with connections to the far-right, whose members have criminal records, are both holding events at the same time, in the same city.

We must also point out that Mr Cumberpatch has repeatedly stated in a video announcing his 22nd August event that it has nothing to do with race and that many of his supporters are from multicultural backgrounds. He also instructed his followers to ignore any Antifa activists who may counter-protest the event and encouraged families to attend. 

And this is how the far-right create their cloak of invisibility.

There is nothing offensive about Mr Cumberpatch’s event. In fact, we want people to talk about abuse and the failures of social services. All the progress our society has made tackling these terrible crimes has come thanks to people from all walks of life who have spoken out about it. A genuine event aiming to improve child protection would be something worthy of support.

Tommy Robinson promoting Dean Cumberpatch on Parler.

But if Mr Cumberpatch is genuine, why is violent criminal Tommy Robinson promoting the event on Parler? Why are Dean’s videos appearing on the far-right Youtube channel Who Dares Wins? Why is Mr Cumberpatch posting videos on a “paedophile hunters” Facebook page which heavily promoted the Heart of Oak’s far-right event in London? Why is hard-core conspiracy theorist & Trump supporter Graham H Moore praising Cumberpatch’s work?

Mr Cumberpatch may have pure intentions and be just another victim of the far-right’s potent propaganda on the subject. In one of his videos Cumberpatch claims GCHQ are hacking his computers so there are real questions about his mental health. 

Regardless of whether he is an active far-right campaigner or just a useful idiot, Cumberpatch’s event on the 22nd is a far-right event. Invisibility cloak or not, the people of Nottingham must reject this hate and call out fascism in every form.

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