Upcoming Event: The Future of Community Organising

The forecasts predict we are heading into one of the most turbulent decades in recent history. The integrity of the political establishment has been disrupted by the worst pandemic in 100 years. Something unseen before in our lifetimes. On top of this, leading economists have predicted the most severe financial crisis in 300 years.

The electoral compromise offered by Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn was rejected creating a vacuum for a generation inspired by an anti-austerity, anti-racist policy platform. The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has put into question whether we can go back to the same old system.

How do we invest our time from now on? What are the barriers we face in community organising under such circumstances? Is a broad anti-racist, anti-capitalist coalition possible? Do we need to look beyond electoral politics?

People’s Assembly Nottingham’s Louise Regan, Labour Community Organiser Bilal Hussain, Chris Tregenza of Open Nottingham and the Chair of IWGB Nottingham Greg Howard are joining Periscope Nottingham for a panel on how we can attempt to approach such issues. What will the future of community organising look like and how can we move forward together?

We would like to hear your questions too. Please submit via our jotform.

To RSVP our event on Facebook click here. Alternatively, the zoom link for the event will be posted on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page one hour before the panel.

By Ellie Stainforth Mallison

Liberal Arts with Geography student at the University of Nottingham.

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